A contagious myth

« We don’t catch diseases. We build them. » – Antoine Bechamp

Every time I opine on the subject of the pretend pandemic – that it was all staged, that the tests are fake, the numbers fudged – without fail, I always get the refrain from a number of individuals that, « I agree the threat was exaggerated and the restrictions were nonsense, but there was definitely a virus. I was really ill. »

So we need to examine these claims in a little more detail, because if you’re aware of the fraudulent nature of the tests, the figures, and the vaccine, but haven’t yet seen the epic fraud and fabrication behind the idea of « the virus » (and, indeed, viruses in general), you are missing a crucial part of the picture. Perhaps the most important part, in fact, because if you continue to believe « there was a virus » and that it was responsible for people’s poor health, then you are, ultimately, vulnerable to falling for these kinds of hoaxes again.

So, I’m going to make a number of rather bold claims here, and then I’m going to back them up.

  1. There was, and is, no novel respiratory virus called « Covid ».
  2. As there was no Covid, it was not causing any illness, but not just because this particular virus doesn’t exist, but because:
  3. Viruses don’t cause illness.

These claims are all true and relatively easy to prove, but the reason people react so forcefully against them is not because they have strong, credible, reproducible evidence to the contrary (they don’t, as there isn’t any), but because the idea that viruses cause disease is such a core foundational principle of modern society and something we are inculcated with practically from birth, given one of the very first things new parents are told to do is vaccinate their baby to protect them against viruses. 

Please note that the immune system of an infant is typically too immature to mount the antibody response vaccines are designed to produce, and, traditionally, infants were not vaccinated until past the age of two for this reason. The reason they are injected from birth now is to, vaccine tsars admit, « train the parents » – e.g., if your baby survived perfectly well until the age of two with no vaccines, you might quite correctly come to the conclusion that they are fine without them. Can’t have that, so the injecting regimen starts straightaway, to hoodwink parents into the belief that their child has only survived infancy because of all the injections.

This propaganda – that viruses are dangerous and we need protection from them – is then repeated all throughout our childhood, when we are told to avoid ill friends in case we « catch » something from them, instructed to stay at home when unwell so we don’t « spread our germs » etc., and then further indoctrinated into us at school, not only via Biology and History lessons where we are taught to worship Edward Jenner, but through the vaccination that also now happens on school premises. 

Schools are not clinical environments and therefore are totally unsuitable premises for the application of powerful medical interventions, but they carry out vaccination regardless: ritualistically and as part of the compelling behavioural and thought modification programme – convincing us that we only manage to survive to adulthood because of all the injections.

Needless to say, if you are propagandised from literally the day you are born until you are an adult with the idea that viruses are contagious and cause disease, you are going to believe it. I did too. Yet I can assure you it isn’t true, and, like much of what is taught in government schools (including medical schools), is devious propaganda devised by the ruling classes to keep the plebs in their place. 

Fear of contagious viruses is such an epic weapon for the ruling classes that it’s really one of their greatest and most evil masterstrokes, enabling them, as it does, to do everything from sterilising the young (see HPV vaccines) to euthanising the old (see ‘flu jabs), as well foisting anti-human tyranny on the populace any time they please, simply by triggering the fear in the populace that they have created regarding « deadly viruses ». Remember that one interpretation of the word FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

So, in dismantling the « deadly viruses » hoax (and it is a hoax), first we have to look at how conventional disease-model theory characterises viruses. They are depicted almost as cartoon villains, microscopic mercenaries that can leap through the air from person to person, storm though your body’s myriad of complex defences, and then start to do dastardly thing inside you that cause dreadful disease.

Yet, a virus is not a living being like, for instance, a parasite is. A parasite can indeed be transferred to you by an infected person, and then cause all manner of nasty symptoms, because parasites are alive and therefore have the ability to take on nutrition – energy – thereby giving them the ability to wreak havoc on their hosts. Hence, key in getting rid of a parasite is to starve it (parasites, like most disease-causing entities, including cancer, love sugar).

A virus, however, has no ability to take on any nutrition. It cannot respire. It has no brain or nervous system. It’s not « alive » by any kind of reasonable definition of what that means, and that being the case, can any viral contagion advocate please explain how a non-living entity which cannot absorb energy to fuel it, is nevertheless able to fly huge distances, defeat the powerfully protective membranes on our skin, in our eyes, in our noses and mouths, in our digestive system, and then STILL have the energy (which it didn’t have in the first place) to start causing severe symptoms of disease?

No wonder they have to start propagandising us with this stuff when we’re five, otherwise no-one would ever believe it.

Something that is not alive and has no energy supply cannot behave in the way « viral contagion » theory says that viruses do. I have written before that the whole area of vaccinology is essentially a scam, based on long-outdated pseudo-science and quackery – and so too is the field of conventional virology. It’s science fiction, not evidence-based fact. Nobody has been able to prove – ever – that viruses fly through the air, insert themselves into people, and begin causing disease. 

All that anyone has been able to prove is that when people are ill, they test positive for certain viruses. If the test is reliable (and that’s a big « if » – it certainly isn’t if it’s the PCR), then all that proves is that a virus is present in someone’s body at the same time that they are ill. It doesn’t prove the virus is responsible for the disease, nor that they caught the virus from another person.

So, back to the people who say « there was definitely a virus. I was really ill. »

That you were ill doesn’t prove there was a virus. It only proves that you were ill. Even if you tested positive on the Covid test – and even if that test were reliable (which it isn’t) – that doesn’t prove a virus is responsible for your symptoms. It just shows that it is present whilst you are ill. It’s kind of like saying, « a load of rubbish was dumped in my backyard, and then rats appeared. Clearly, therefore, rats are the cause of rubbish in backyards. »

The main reason people seem to struggle with this – with the idea that there is no Covid and that viruses in general don’t cause disease – is that they are adamant that the illness they experienced in 2020 was « different to any I have ever had before ».

Look: I am not trying to demean anyone’s experience when I say this, but, seriously – I hear this EVERY year. Every year, without fail, people say they’ve been really ill and that they’ve never been so ill before in their lives. In some cases, of course, they’ll be right – at some point, we are iller than we’ve ever been – but often, people forget just how poorly « normal » illnesses can make you feel, « Just » a cold can have you flat out in bed for days, feeling absolutely awful and not up to the most basic everyday tasks. We say colds are non-serious, not because they don’t make you feel seriously unwell, but because they don’t last long and have no serious side effects. 

‘Flu, meanwhile, is certainly not trivial and can make you feel like you’re on death’s door – and it can and does cause hospital admissions, especially for those with comorbidities. So to say, « this was no normal cold or flu because I felt really ill » is a misnomer. Normal colds, and especially ‘flus, can make you feel really ill.

It is, however, theoretically possible that you experienced something different in 2020, because it is theoretically possible the ruling classes manipulated the environment in some way to increase symptoms of ill health, such as by cranking up the EMF (when we went to a heavily-saturated 5G area, my husband promptly got a very severe nosebleed, the first and last he has ever had in all the time I’ve known him), or putting more poisons than usual in the tap water, as they did in the famous Camelford aluminium poisoning scandal.

It’s possible they did this. But – and this is the key point, so please forgive me if I repeat it a few times – it’s not possible they released a virus that caused ill health, because that is not something viruses are capable of doing. 

If, as the establishment-backed conspiracy theory goes, « Covid was produced in a lab and released », do you know what would happen? Nothing. If a virus was engineered in a lab and sprayed around the place, it would fall on the floor and do nothing and that would be the end of that story.

So, no virus was causing anybody to have any ill health, and personally, I doubt even that there was a coordinated or nationwide attempt to increase illness via other means, because it simply wasn’t necessary. The TV created all the fear, hysteria and compliance that was required, in completely healthy people. They did not need to be made ill to believe in the pandemic and to comply with the tyranny. 

However, I will repeat this yet again because it is so true – the power of the mind is exceptionally strong. If you believe there’s a dangerous virus out there and that it’s possible for you to « catch it », you are far more likely to develop symptoms of this alleged virus, than people who do not believe the virus exists.

We all know how tricky the mind can be in this department, e.g., if you Google « headache », within five minutes, you will have convinced yourself that your benign headache from dehydration, is actually a brain tumour, because you definitely have all the other symptoms of a brain tumour… It simply is the truth that when we have certain beliefs about our health, our bodies start to manifest those symptoms. If you believed Covid existed – even if you saw through other parts of the pandemic – that you were simply more likely to develop symptoms we were told indicated Covid.

What’s also crucial to note is that there is no evidence there was any more serious illness in 2020 than in any other year. When I say « there’s no Covid », it is repeatedly misinterpreted as me saying « there is no serious illness and death ». Of course there is and of course there always has been – millions of people were ill in 2020, some of them seriously, just like every other year. Tens of thousands died, just like every other year. But, when you take the drug and ventilator induced institutional deaths out of the equation (e.g., care homes and hospitals murdering patients who, given the proper treatments, would have got better), you can see illness / death rates in 2020 were in no way exceptional or unusual.

To be clear, there were no more patients with serious respiratory illnesses in 2020 than in any previous year, it’s just in previous years, these patients were diagnosed with ‘flu and pneumonia and in 2020, they were diagnosed with Covid. So sure, you might have been ill in 2020 – even very ill. But there’s no evidence you were any more likely to be ill in 2020, than in 2019, 2018, or 2017.

Furthermore – and this is a crucial point the establishment was desperate to suppress at the height of the fake plague, being very heavy-handed with those who exposed it – the hospitals were emptier than they have ever been in recorded history. If there were all these people being struck down by a mystery, severe new illness, where were they? Why weren’t the hospitals « overwhelmed », as we were told they would be? Why weren’t the emergency Nightingale overflows ever even used?

It’s because the vast majority of people who were ill, just had ordinary seasonal illnesses and were not ill enough to go to hospital – just like every other year. That’s why, and it’s an incontrovertible fact, because if there was a serious new illness, the hospitals would have been full to bursting. They weren’t.

In addition: remember all the « hypocritical » ministers breaking all the rules, having parties and affairs etc? Please ask yourself if these famously self-serving politicians would have done this had they believed there was any risk whatsoever of their catching « a dangerous virus ». 

Boris Johnson himself partied with the best of them, despite supposedly being « a Covid survivor » with a vulnerable new baby at home! Do you think he would put himself and his family at serious risk by going to « super-spreader » events like parties if there was actually a virus he could catch and spread? Of course not. He never had « Covid », that was yet more poorly acted political theatre. Boris and co all knew there was zero risk to their health by partying and philandering, because they knew there was no virus. Nothing was « spreading ». Nothing had been « released from a lab ». That was all just baseless propaganda to scare people into compliance, because, were it true, the ministers would have been cowering in hazmat suits inside their mansions, spraying sanitiser on the postman – not out partying.

These MPs were pilloried in the press and by the public for being « hypocrites », but they were not hypocrites – they were liars. They propagandised the public with fear-based behavioural modification techniques, into believing in a deadly threat that they knew themselves didn’t exist. 

And that’s because that’s all the elite needed. Fear. They didn’t need an actual virus, because they knew simply telling people there was one would be enough: that is how human psychology works and that is the precise message of the fable, The Emperor’s New Clothes. Crazy conspiraquacks like myself are the equivalent of the impudent little boy jumping up and down on the side-lines shouting, « but the Emperor is naked! » If you look at what’s actually there, rather than what the state tells you to see, it’s obvious he is. All the real evidence shows he is. But you’re not allowed to say it.

I know it’s very difficult to wrap one’s head around, the idea that the ruling classes would deceive us on such a colossal scale, leaving many a baffled person to ask, but WHY, I don’t get WHY they would do this.

In answering this question, one has to understand that our ruling classes have pathological God complexes and believe they can bend reality to their will by overriding objective reality with their mirages, illusions, and lies. If I said to a member of the ruling elite, « viruses don’t cause diseases », they would reply, « true, but because now the whole world believes that they do and behaves as if they do, that is now reality. We created that reality through the very power of our own will ».

You can think of the ruling elites as being like the character « Christoff » from the film The Truman Show – ruthless control-freaks who believe they have the power and the right to create entire fabricated worlds around people, to relentlessly lie to them and go to extraordinary lengths to obscure the truth – because when you can persuade people to invest so deeply in a lie, you have complete control over them. « Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities. » – Voltaire. Would anyone have imposed any part of the Covid tyranny, including administering and receiving lethal injections, if they didn’t believe in « deadly viruses »? Obviously not, so this is the power the ruling classes now wield by having spun this centuries-old hoax. 

If you think about virus theory in quite basic terms, you can start to see it really doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny, because, there are 7 billion people in this world, many of them highly mobile, containing all sorts of viruses (it is estimated the average person contains at least five). So why isn’t everyone constantly ill? Why aren’t we constantly being infected an re-infected every time we interact with others? Why is the average person only ill once or twice a year, even people who have very mobile and people-centric lives, such as those who work in pubs and come into contact with hundreds of potentially « disease-carrying strangers » every week? More to the point, why don’t nurses and doctors constantly have viral-based illness, given they are constantly around unwell people who have them?

It’s because you do not catch diseases. As Antoine Bechamp told us, you build them.

You get ill when the toxicity in your body (from toxins in food and drink, in the air, from EMFs, from emotional stress, etc.) hits a critical point and your body needs to get it out. That’s what a cold or a ‘flu is. An all-body detox expunging all the toxins (through coughing, sneezing, fevers, etc.). Your cells produce viruses at this point to help with the detox and internal cleaning. You can think of viruses as a kind of soap, and the terrible irony is, they are not dangerous, malevolent enemies trying to thwart your good health – just the opposite. They’re trying to help, because (and the entire pharmaceutical industry is absolutely terrified of the day people realise this ineffable fact) your body is not actually trying to kill you. Rather, every cell in your body is dedicated to keeping you alive, and your body has a wide range of masterful abilities exclusively devoted to protecting and preserving you.

People often get ill around the same time because a) people who live or work together are exposed to a lot of the same toxins, and b) our bodies synch and communicate – see menstrual synchronising – and one body having a detox can send powerful signals to nearby bodies that, hey, this environment is a bit toxic, you could do with a detox, too.

That doesn’t mean anyone « caught » anything from anyone else (I ask again: why aren’t doctors and nurses constantly ill? After all, they’re constantly around ill people, and unless they work in full hazmat suits, cannot avoid close contact).

If viral theory and contagion models were even remotely true, then basically everyone, apart from hermits, would be ill constantly, including and especially people who have a lot of contact with others. And yet, there is no scholarly evidence to show that someone who works in a pub – encountering hundreds of new people a week – is any more likely to get ill than someone who works in an office – seeing the same small selection of people every day. If viral theory was true, not only would public-facing jobs be too dangerous to do and too impossible to retain employees for (because they would constantly be going off sick), the human race actually wouldn’t exist, having been wiped out by viral contagions aeons ago. In effect, if viral theory were true, there would be no-one alive to believe it.

Let’s be clear, there are various poisons in the environment and our world is more toxic than it has ever been. So, of course people get ill. If you poison a living organism enough times, even with low dose poison, it eventually gets ill. But that fact does not mean there is, was, or ever could be a viral epidemic. It’s not a thing that can happen, and the reason the establishment has invested so much money in « plague » movies over recent decades (Contagion, Outbreak, World War Z, etc.) is to manicure people’s minds into believing in it. But the idea of a contagious viral plague is just as fictional as any of the aforementioned movies, and the establishment tells you this quite explicitly.

When I watched Contagion in 2019, about a year before Covid made its debut, I immediately knew what they were telling us and made a post predicting a fake plague, staged to coerce people into taking a dangerous vaccine. Not only did the directors of Contagion tell us this was coming (in the DVD extras, they state « Contagion is not a work of fiction, this is going to happen for real, it’s a matter of when not if »), but Matt Hancock himself confirmed the UK based its pandemic responseon the film.

The fake plague scriptwriters then gave the first vaccine to « William Shakespeare », who’s most famous quote is « all the world’s a stage » – and in reporting this dark little joke, Matt Hancock literally could not keep a straight face.

So, there you have it. The producers and directors behind « Covid! The Plague Blockbuster » have told you quite clearly and from the start that it’s not real, it’s staged and scripted and akin to a movie – and so I am simply reiterating their revelation (because they always do tell us what they’re doing, a phenomenon known as ‘revelation of the method’, if you simply learn how to interpret what they say. For instance, they state the vaccine is « safe and effective ». But they don’t say for whom and in what way. Is it ‘safe’ because they’re immunised against law suits, and ‘effective’ because it does exactly what they intended it to do?)

It’s vitally important in reclaiming our true power from these dark and evil wizards (note: Hollywood is named after the wood from the Holly tree, traditionally used by wizards to make wands) that we see through their illusions and don’t invest in any way in their spell-casting and black magic.

The idea of « deadly contagious viruses » is a hoax. Nobody has ever been able to prove viruses are directly transmissible nor that they are the culprits for symptoms of disease, and they never will be able to prove this, because it isn’t true.

This is a relatively short primer on this subject, and there’s a cornucopia of amazing further information out there, such as the book Virus Mania and the docu-series, The Viral Delusion(because I know people will respond to this commentary with « but what about Ebola? What about Polio? » – you will find all the answers you seek in these, and many other, materials).

In closing, I just want to repeat what Antoine Bechamp told us, hundreds of years ago, about the true nature of disease – because essentially, that could have substituted the whole essay – « we don’t catch diseases. We build them. »

Source : https://miriaf.co.uk/the-emperors-new-virus-how-the-virus-myth-became-a-viral-contagion/

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